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We offer flexible and scalable legal bill audits, knowledge management, and AI-powered litigation support services. Our comprehensive and customized matter and legal spend management solutions keep your litigation matter and legal spend on point.

Cutting-edge AI-powered Solutions for Litigators

  • Significantly saves costs
  • Reduces time spent
  • Utilizes cutting-edge AI + ML software
  • Accurate results every time
  • Mitigates risks across the firm

Leverage our Litigation Management Solutions for Effective Results

  • eDiscovery Document Review

    We use eDiscovery document reviews to trawl case files and subject matter to unearth pertinent documents, data, and evidence required for a matter.

  • Litigation Analytics

    We use legal analytics tools to filter relevant data from cases, historical outcomes, and patterns. By using this data, Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) can make educated litigation case outcomes and predictions, with high rates of accuracy.

  • Litigation Support

    Our litigation support attorneys sort, index, abstract, and coordinate large volumes of data produced from major litigation cases. We assist with the management of large-scale litigation responses, drafting, and summarization, such as

    • Discovery responses
    • Motion drafting
    • Medical record summaries
    • Deposition summaries

    In addition, we
    • Conduct document review for relevance and privilege
    • Prepare deposition and medical record summaries
    • Draft answers, motions and related pleadings
  • Automotive Litigation Management

    We assist automotive law litigators who represent automotive litigation cases by providing them with end-to-end automotive litigation management solutions.

    Our specialized automotive litigation management services include
    • Breach Of Warranty
    • Asbestos Litigation
    • Product Liability Support
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  • Online Negotiation Platform

    Our online negotiation platform provides the disputing parties, negotiator, and a neutral third party a place to solve challenges that a physical negotiation may present. Litigation negotiations can be held virtually via the online negotiation platform, without diminishing the efficiency and control over the negotiations and clauses provided.

  • Virtual Deposition Platform

    Our virtual deposition platform transcends physical boundaries by providing an online deposition medium. From saving time, to curbing excess expenditures, a virtual deposition platform offers litigators a host of benefits, such as:

    • Being cost-effective
    • Saving time
    • Offering accurate official transcripts

Case Study

Find out how LegalEase Solutions built a predictive analytics engine for a large OEM and helped them save over $2.5 million in litigation costs!

  • Problem

    A large global automotive OEM aims to significantly decrease legal fees and costs in California by leveraging data and predictive analytics to provide for more accurate settlement valuation and shorten the time to resolution.

  • Solution

    LegalEase Solutions and its predictive analytics partner committed to providing a highly accurate model to the OEM within 60 days, and set off to understand the problem statement and collect all data points readily available to the legal department. Over 5 years of historical litigation data was collected and cleansed from the OEM’s matter management and billing platform. LegalEase Solutions attorneys and data scientists had several working sessions with the OEM legal and technology staff to discuss the relationship between the various data factors and potential outcomes in litigation.

  • Result

    Ultimately, LegalEase Solutions and its partner, built out a working model for the OEM which provided objective and consistent settlement valuation of breach of warranty cases and a predictive model which alerts the OEM to potentially problematic cases. This proof of concept was achieved in 60 days.

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