Automotive Litigation Management

LegalEase Solutions is the trusted partner at major automobile companies for over 12 years

LegalEase Solutions assists litigators who specialize in automotive law and represent/defend automotive litigation cases, by providing them with end-to-end automotive litigation management solutions.

Breach Of Warranty

Breach of Warranty

Leveraging Tech and Process Innovation for Warranty Claims Management

LegalEase Solutions has been providing warranty solutions to the automotive industry for over 12 years, working with leading OEMs and suppliers.

Our warranty claims resolution services combine the latest in technology, process innovation and outsourcing to

  • significantly cut costs, 
  • create efficiencies, 
  • and add time savings

Answers to Complaints Process

We process answers to complaints within 48 hours, using our expert attorney team and partner technology, at a low flat-fee. 

  • Collaborate
    Client and LegalEase partner up to identify bottlenecks, integrate efficiencies, and streamline processes 
  • Review
    LegalEase reviews lawsuits filed in local state courts in all jurisdictions across the country
  • Prepare 
    LegalEase uses a proprietary process and technology to prepare turnkey Answers to Complaints
  • Process
    LegalEase prepares Answers to Complaints, performs quality control checks and escalates any issues
  • Deliver
    LegalEase delivers the project within 48 hours, with high accuracy 

Discovery Responses Automation

LegalEase's partner platform uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate the creation of discovery requests.

By automating discovery responses, clients can 

  • Achieve unparalleled time savings
  • Save days or weeks of discovery motion to just 48 hours
  • Reallocate outside counsel focus to higher-level tasks
  • Discovery dashboard to track responses to discovery
Asbestos Litigation

Asbestos Litigation

LegalEase Solutions has extensive expertise in providing asbestos defense work for corporate counsel and law firms. Our asbestos litigation outsourcing (ALO) services reduce legal costs by 50%, on average. The ALO services we offer include summarizing medical records, to drafting pleadings to be used in litigation.  

Our ALO Support Services include

  • Outsourcing Support
  • Motion Drafting
  • Answers to Asbestos Lawsuits
  • Medical Records Summarization
  • Deposition Summaries
  • Legal Research
  • Document Review/E-Discovery
Product Liability Support

Product Liability Support

Automotive litigators either defending or representing clients in automotive liability cases depend on liability support by LegalEase Solutions. We offer cutting-edge technology by our partners, to create effective solutions to automotive litigators.

Whether you require research on automotive liability coverage pertaining to property damage or bodily injury, drafting automobile liability insurance, or calculating payouts, our team of litigation specialists will create streamlined processes to prepare and deliver fully-vetted solutions. Our customized litigation solutions are tailor-made with your litigation needs in mind.

  • Drafting liability auto insurance with relevant clauses
  • Research on bodily injury liability involving medical expense coverage for involved parties
  • Estimating and calculating indemnity payouts in auto litigation cases with iPAT - a Predictive Analytics Tool

We sort, index, abstract, and coordinate large volumes of data produced from major litigation cases. In addition, we conduct document review for relevance and privilege, prepare deposition and medical record summaries, and draft answers, motions and related pleadings.

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