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We are an alternate legal services provider with a proven track record. We build customized solutions that check off all your compliance and regulatory needs.

  • Contract Review & Lifecycle Management
    • Our Partner CLM technology offers powerful features to extract, sort, tag, analyze and integrate company-wide workflows
    • Our Virtual Contract Managers create Playbooks for your team, extract key metadata from your contracts, and help review & negotiate your contracts
    • We deliver scalable solutions for contract repository requirements, large or small.
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  • Compliance

    We have automated KYC (Know Your Customer) screen solutions to facilitate identifying risks in real time.

    • FINRA review services for email and social media
    • AML due diligence and Suspicious Transactions Reporting (STR)
    • Privacy policy and creation of training materials
    • Privacy regulation monitoring 
    • Audit services for your legal department to stay compliant with regulatory mandates
    • Automated KYC (Know Your Customer) screen solutions to identify risks in real time.
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  • Legal Intelligence

    Our legal research and legal intelligence includes tracking of, analyzing, and summarizing legal content

    • We optimize and streamline legal research and legal content creation
    • Our multistate legal research helps in-house counsel make better informed business decisions
    • We provide you with high quality legal research in federal and state statutory case work
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  • Legal Operations
    • Our flexible and scalable solutions include legal bill audit and knowledge management services
    • Our custom solutions for effective matter & legal spend management keeps your legal spend on point
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  • Litigation Management
    • We glean insights from legal analytics and use data points from past cases, win & loss rates, legal spends, and settlement history to build our predictive analysis for litigation management
    • We also provide litigation support services, be it a voluminous document review or responding to discovery requests
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