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What Our CLM Implementation Services Offer You?

Maximize productivity, reduce long contract cycle times, and streamline processes

Contracts implementation that focuses on your maturity stage to ensure the process is seamless and within your budget

Ensure your CLM is the source of truth for all contract related decisions

Engineering Contract Management Solutions with Your Business Needs in Mind

  • We collaborate with CLM partners who combine new technology and improved business processes to address legal challenges

  • We combine this with our team of attorneys and contract specialists through onshore, offshore, and hybrid models

  • With custom solutions for you to choose from, we have you covered throughout the entire contract lifecycle journey

CLM Selection

A CLM solution adds to your department’s efficiency, reduces costs, increases transparency and reduces overall risk.

CLM Health Check

Our CLM health assessment will help you understand the health of your current implementation. We’ll discuss your business objectives and work with you on areas for improvement and success.

A strategic assessment of your contracting processes, CLM configurations, and user perspectives is gathered through questionnaires, interviews, system reviews, and executive discussions.

You’ll get
  • Actionable goals for the next 18 to 36 months
  • Key metrics to work toward
  • Options to expand your footprint
  • Opportunities for CLM integration

Change Management

Establish a CLM Change Management plan that covers the following areas:

  • Client Communication Plan
  • Change Readiness Assessment
  • Change Management Timeline
  • Roadmap Success Criteria
  • Long-term CLM education program for administrators and users

CLM Readiness

The CLM Readiness phase focuses on CLM process analyses and requirements identification. With the CLM vendor selected, this phase closely looks at refining internal processes and requirements.

CLM Playbook Creation & Development

The CLM Playbook is a key element in helping your organization operate efficiently. We create a comprehensive Playbook that provides legal and business explanations for all contractual terms.

CLM Data Migration

Our approach to contract migration combines the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) along with the Human Intelligence (HI) of our expert contract attorneys, who will walk you through a phased approach during migration.

Data training for CLMs

Our Data training module is a robust process that includes identification of business rules, detailing communication protocols and quality control mechanisms.

Technology and Legal Support Services (TLSS)

We have a wide range of targeted services to support and maintain your CLM system.

CLM Technology Integration

Our contract attorneys

  • Review and summarize your contracts quickly
  • Deliver efficient, technology-enabled solutions
  • Work with you to identify the clauses and terms you will need summaries for
  • Create a checklist, and analyze the key provisions in your contracts to provide summaries that can be easily exported

Effortless Onboarding

Setting up a pilot is easy!

We created our client experience and success program for a seamless transition, so that you don’t waste valuable time hosting training sessions.

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