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Legal Intelligence and Research for the Modern General Counsel

Let us take care of your legal research needs, while you focus on strategy.

Benefits of Our Legal Intelligence and Legal Research Solutions

Meet Deadlines and Improve Your Work-Life Balance

Legal research and writing is tough. But high-quality legal research requires time. Leverage our resources to meet your deadlines, and reduce long hours at work.

Save Big with a Virtual Legal Research Attorney

Don’t hire more attorneys! Reduce the cost of hiring a full-time attorney and implementing new infrastructure, by utilizing our high-quality virtual legal research attorneys. We have convenient time frames for our flexible virtual attorney service, which includes hourly, and fixed time frames.

Comprehensive Data Insights

Our subject matter experts will provide you data insights, along with the research project. This could be an analysis of statutes, winning motions, or drafting a good memo! We will help you plan your next strategic business move.

Focus on Core Business Activities

Outsource your legal writing so that you and your team can focus your attention on what you do best – without the added burden of research and writing!

Multidisciplinary Research Capability

Over the last 16 years, our team of legal research attorneys have supported research projects over various focus areas. We’ve become subject matter experts across almost all research needs, whether it’s a 50 state research project, a legal content creation need, or a compliance research analysis project.

Engineering Legal Research Solutions with Your Business Needs in Mind

Get the best of both worlds!

We select legal intelligence technology partners who have been transforming legal with their cutting-edge and intuitive technology. We collaborate with our tech partners and our in-house team of attorneys and legal research specialists through onshore, offshore, and hybrid models. With custom legal research solutions for you to choose from, we have you covered.

Legal Content Creation

Our team of expert research attorneys will take on any content creation task that you need. Over the last 16 years, our team has created legal forms, FAQs for legal consent. We take on the heavy lifting involved in content creation with research, so that you can focus on your legal department’s bigger business needs.

2. Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Our team of data scientists and legal research attorneys create custom dashboards to highlight key takeaways from multistate research projects. We provide you with an actionable dashboard that visualizes your key takeaways.

3. Legal Research

Litigation Management

Our legal research and legal intelligence solutions include tracking, analyzing, and summarizing legal content.

  • Multi-jurisdictional Research
    Our multistate legal research helps in-house counsel make better informed business decisions
  • Case Law and Statutory Research We optimize and streamline legal research and legal content creation
  • Compliance Regulatory Research We create privacy policies, training materials, and track privacy regulations
4. Legal Analytics

Legal Analytics

In addition to a well-written brief or research memo, analytics and appropriate statutes will give you an edge to negotiate your contract, or win that case. Our team uses legal research tools to deliver high quality research, backed with substantial data. Whether it’s through analytics from a law library, looking up winning briefs, or searchable supreme court decisions, we have it all covered to provide you with winning legal analytics!

5. Business Intelligence Reports

Business Intelligence Reports

We assist legal departments in asserting their roles in their organizations. Our teams of data scientists and attorneys will prepare you for your next meeting with the CEO or Board, with customized Business Intelligence Reports that provide actionable insights to your business.

Effortless On-boarding

Setting up a pilot is easy!

Our client experience and success program is built to integrate seamlessly with your organization and to not eat into your day with training sessions.

Success Snapshot

Researched and created national civil litigation docket program

A leading technology company needed comprehensive data for creating a legal product to be offered to law firms. LegalEase Solutions performed legal research, created procedural deadlines, and provided data that enabled the company to see the product through to completion. The client continues to utilize the program and processes developed during the project lifecycle.

Find Out How LegalEase Can Transform Your Legal Research Needs