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NDA Reviews in Record Time. Every Time.

NDA Review Process

  • Develop playbook (could include clause library and fall back positions), review SLA, time and cost.
  • Integrate playbook with Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered partner platform that reviews the NDA and only highlights exceptions for manual review.
  • Our review attorney compares clauses in the NDA to the playbook and checklist provided by the client. Makes modifications as per the guidelines provided.
  • Our quality control attorney reviews NDA. Compares it to the checklist and playbook, and signs off on the NDA review.
  • Our team escalates clauses or issues that require client attention and revise work product based on client feedback.
  • Final redlined copy and a working copy of the NDA is shared with the client.
  • Playbook is updated with changes in process/work product.

Creation of NDA Review Playbook


Client prepares a playbook with the final list of attributes and definitions


LegalEase reviews the playbook and adds additionl process instructions


LegalEase and the clients collaboratively finalize the playbook


LegalEase trains teams on final playbook


LegalEase and the client review and revise the playbook, as required

Our team of attorneys are highly specialized in specific contract types for Private Equity and the Financial industry. We consistently deliver dependable, high-quality NDA reviews.

The LegalEase Solutions NDA Process Advantage

  • Guarantees immediate ROI

  • Frees up internal resources

  • Reduces time spent on contract review, so FTE can focus on higher-value tasks

  • Provides guardrails for business units by standardizing the contract review process

  • Minimizes risk by reviewing contracts consistently across the firm

  • Collects valuable data and historical knowledge that you can leverage in each new negotiation

  • Provides guardrails for business units by standardizing the contract review process

  • Responds to deal and business teams faster

  • Delivers within 24 hours or the same day, as needed

Our team excels in managing all your routine contracts and processes crucial to your operations and investments.

Use Cases

  • Confidentiality Agreements

  • Joinder Agreements

  • Vendor Contracts

  • Co-Investment Reviews

  • Engagement Letters

  • Non-Reliance Letters

  • Sell-Side Confidentiality Agreements

  • Pitch NDAs

  • Investment Due Diligence

  • Real Estate Confidentiality Agreements

  • Real Estate SNDAs

  • Purchase Agreements

  • Fund Documents

  • Operating Agreements

Don't Take Our Word for It.
Investment Bank Resources Stretched Thin for Massive NDA Review
  • Challenge

    The in-house legal team is inundated by NDA review work, leaving the department with little time to attend to other urgent legal matters.

  • Solution

    LegalEase takes on the firm’s NDA reviews and serves as an extension to their legal team, reducing the
    team's time spent on tedious NDA work. The firm's legal team saw an immediate time savings, as LegalEase was able to save them at least two hours per NDA, equaling dozens of hours saved weekly.

  • Result

    LegalEase’s NDA process offers cost-savings, is more efficient, and quicker. With 24-hour and same day turn-around times, LegalEase Solutions give the in-house legal and business teams the ability to meet the demands of their partners and move on deals faster.

    The firm’s legal department:
    • Can depend on thorough and complete NDA reviews at competitive flat-fee pricing
    • NDA reviews completed on time, satisfying partners and outside parties
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