330 Agreements Reviewed In 48 Hours For Staffing Service Company, Clearing Their Tight Schedule

“The Client is a global staffing services provider, connecting potential employees with top companies in industries such as financial services, information technology, and law.”


The Client provides placement services across various industries, which requires processing a large volume of highly specialized Staffing Agreements. In addition, these agreements needed to be reviewed, the terms negotiated and finally, execution of the same.

  • The execution of these agreements follows a lifecycle that requires the go-ahead from various teams to proceed smoothly. This includes
    • a business team to assess the profit margins,
    • a risk team to assess insurance related risks,
    • an FSS team to assess payment terms and pricing related terms,
    • and finally the legal team to do an overall risk assessment and to tweak the agreement in a way which negates excess liability that the Client could incur
  • The execution process is not streamlined, and has several bottlenecks which adversely impacts time and money. These resources could be better used for strategic planning of staffing services instead.


  • LegalEase assigned a dedicated team of Review and Quality Check associates to serve as an extension of the Client’s legal department
  • The Client was part of the agreement review process
  • Risk areas in Staffing Agreements were highlighted
  • LegalEase created a playbook with the Client’s unique requirements and priorities
  • The LegalEase Analytics team created a personalized Microsoft Power BI dashboard especially for the Client to track the LegalEase Solutions team’s progress in real time


The 1.5 year project engagement proved to be exceptionally beneficial for the Client, through cost savings, lightening the load on resources, and providing thorough reviews.


  • LegalEase Solutions provided thorough reviews within 48 hours
  • By lightening the load on the Client’s legal team, LegalEase Solutions demonstrated resource-saving strategies that resulted in more engagements
  • LegalEase Solutions provided the Client a summary of reviews, and tracked changes made for easier look-ups