LegalEase Solutions Reviews 2 Million Contract Clauses in 30 Months for AI-powered Legal Document Analytics Firm

The Client is a top-rated AI powered contract and legal document analytics company.

  • Challenge

    Companies providing varied services have thousands of contracts with their customers, contractors, and employees to name a few.

    • The Client's services offered include secure contract storage, and classification of contracts based on their various clauses.
    • They also help in identifying and analyzing keywords and terms in their customers’ contract repository with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI).
      • To identify and analyze keywords, the Client’s AI needs to be taught the different contractual obligations and clauses used in a contract.
      • The Client’s AI needs to identify which contract runs for 2 years, and which one terminates at the end of 3 years. It needs to identify what the term clause in a contract looks like.
      • There are numerous clauses in a contract ranging from Assignment Rights, to use of Customer Data, that the AI needs to understand and differentiate.
  • Solution

    • LegalEase Solutions dedicated a team of Contract Law Review attorneys to review contracts based on the Client's manual
    • The manual outlines instructions from the Client’s customers on how each contract clause must be interpreted, as each contract varies greatly
    • The LegalEase Solutions Contract Review Team reviewed various contract clauses including parties to the contract, Assignment, Limitation of Liability, Autorenewal, Warranty, Indemnification, and Publicity
    • The LegalEase Solutions team adhered to strict QC measures to ensure that reviews were error-free
    • LegalEase Solutions reviewed the Client’s customers' legacy contracts and contracts that the Client's customers execute every day
    • Legacy contracts are reviewed according to set timelines ranging from a few days to a few weeks, depending upon the volume of contracts.
    • LegalEase Solutions reviewed and delivered the Client's contracts in just 24 hours
  • Result

    • LegalEase Solutions helped the Client review close to 2 million contract clauses in over 500,000 contracts, for almost 70 of their customers
    • The LegalEase Solutions team delivered the services in just 2.5 years
    • Many of the terms that started out requiring human intelligence for interpretation are now reviewed by the Client’s AI
    • For many clauses, the LegalEase Solutions team now validates the review done by the Client’s AI