Government Contracting SBU Automates Contracting Process with CLM

The client is a major corporation with multiple key strategic business units (SBU).


The client has a set of manual contracting processes in place. As part of their modernization strategy, their government and commercial contracting SBU wants to automate all of their contracting processes.


  • LegalEase helped the client complete a CLM selection project which concluded in the selection of the current CLM
  • LegalEase automated two key contract types as part of a Phase 1 project that is now in production
  • LegalEase and the client are now planning Phase 2 of this major project which includes the automation of all other contract processes not covered in Phase 1
  • Integrations with other key internal systems are being developed


  • Two key contract types and their processes are now automated
  • Customer data has been migrated from current existing repositories into the current CLM
  • LegalEase solved the client’s complex contracting requirements through detailed Requirements and Design workshops
  • LegalEase and the client partnered to apply a significant Change Management methodology during Phase 1 to support user adoption