Streamline Routine Contract Negotiations With Playbooks

Data Training-Empowering CLM with Data-Driven Intelligence

Our data training module is a robust process that includes identification of business rules, detailing communication protocols, and maintaining quality control.

LegalEase provides extractions of relevant key data including keywords, contract clauses, etc. It also includes verifying and correcting the AI-captured clauses and answering sub-questions based on the AI extractions.

Technology and data science are effectively used to identify, visualize, and export data and content in contracts and other documents.

LegalEase Solutions Data Training Process

  • Understanding and gathering requirements
  • Pilot project escalations, and. detailing of project
  • Review of contracts and documents
  • Performing initial quality check
  • Escalation & resolution phase
  • Final quality check
  • Uploading data on AI platform for training modele

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