Legal Tech Design: Behind the Scenes

First Reviewed : August 18, 2022
Last Reviewed: August 18, 2022

Creating legal technology for a target audience that isn’t interested in tech in the first place is an art. Legal tech service providers strike a balance between providing cutting-edge software that helps legal departments streamline legal processes and that simultaneously enhance productivity and efficiency. 

In a article, legal design manager Sarah Ouis of ContractPodAi says that “there are many mindset issues to overcome that directly impact not only selection of product, but the entire strategy of problem-solving.” She’s referring to legal tech design, that is fulfilled in a way that lawyers can utilize the software to its full potential and gain benefits while they do so. Legal tech offers benefits beyond cost-savings and saving time. 

Legal Tech Makes Legal Life Easier

If creating legal technology sans bells and whistles is the goal, what exactly is it that legal service providers offer their clients? 

One of the key elements of legal tech is simplifying the way legal departments work. 

Getting Time to Focus on Strategic Work

Legal processes can be long, tedious, and dare we say it – boring. With legal tech, legal departments can skip the monotony by automating otherwise time-consuming tasks. What this offers corporate lawyers is less time and work spent on tasks they would rather skip. This in turn helps them stay on at their legal department, in essence retaining talent – and which organization doesn’t want that? 

Keep It Simple, Solicitors 

While saving money may be a nice-to-have, corporate lawyers know that it’s only a blip in their work, work, work culture. To that end, legal tech is about making legal processes easier, says Artificial Lawyer. Saving money is the financial department’s domain, not legal’s. Legal departments want tools that can make life at work easier for them, and legal tech delivers. 

Organization-wide Benefits 

Legal departments are one of many departments that a company may have. Instead of working in silos, legal departments equipped with data and metrics from their legal tech can offer other departments in their organization the information they need. Whether it’s deducing contract data to enhance future transactions, or creating substantial cost-savings that the finance team will appreciate, legal tech unites different teams organization-wide. 

Lawyers Designing Tech 

What do you get when you cross a lawyer with legal tech design? Powerful legal tech that solves real lawyers’ challenges, keeping in mind what they require, are looking for, and their goals.

Legal departments want more than the concrete benefits legal tech can provide. Legal tech providers are leveling up to offer human-first features that make legal department processes and tasks easier. 

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