What’s happening in Legal Operations?

First Reviewed : November 2, 2018
Last Reviewed: November 2, 2018

Evolving roles—Segmentation—Knowledge management

There has been a burgeoning focus on legal operations in the corporate world in recent times. Most organizations have created spaces for legal professionals whose roles are to focus solely on legal operations. In the present, legal professionals, both attorneys and non-attorneys, are being hired to concentrate on the efficiency of their respective legal departments. According to Deloitte Development LLP[1], legal operations are about to further expand in the future, necessitating roles such as formal legal operations leads. These leads will act as liaisons between the legal and business departments, and play a crucial part in the smooth functioning of the organizations. Individuals who have an interdisciplinary background, possessing legal as well as management skills will be favored for these roles. They should be equipped to help the business department understand the legal department and vice versa. Overall, legal operations are likely to evolve through branching out into specialized roles that will be able to assist business needs. The legal operations department will function as a vital unit for effective collaboration with the organization’s clients and partners.

The legal operations sector has also encountered a growing demand for knowledge transfer. This knowledge sharing is not limited to within the legal operations department. Exchange of knowledge between legal operations and other corporate departments of the organization can be a great investment for improving processes throughout the company.  Sharing of optimal process knowledge withl egal sectors of other companies can also be beneficial to the entire legal industry. With such abundance of legal knowledge, organizations can rely on each other for legal support.

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