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Access to Experts Across all Legal and Compliance Functions

One of our most utilized services is our Virtual Attorney services- be it a virtual contract manager, a paralegal, a research associate, a compliance specialist, or a legal assistant. Leverage our acccess to research tools and workflow automation to deliver projects on time

Benefits Of Our Virtual Attorney Services

  • Match the demands of new and increased business, without worrying about in-house staffing

  • Meet tight deadlines and respond to business faster

  • Increase profits and add time savings to your day

  • Focus on complex legal tasks that need your attention while we take care of the heavy lifting reviews or research

  • A global staffing team with subject matter expertise across all legal and compliance functions

  • Onboard or offload your virtual attorney as needed

  • Leverage our access to research tools and workflow automation to deliver the project to your business on time

Our Virtual Attorney Services

Virtual Contract Manager

Draft and Review Contracts
Create Contract Playbooks and Templates
Contract Abstraction and Migration
Contract Workflows for CLM

Virtual Intellectual Property Associate

Research on Copyrights and Trademarks
IP Management for Patents
IP Tool Maintenance

Virtual Legal Research Associate

Legal Reseach and Analysis
Draft Pleading and Motions
Multi-jurisdictional Research

Virtual Compliance Specialist

Due Diligence Reviews
Compliance Policy Creation
Marketing Materials Review
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