Legal Document Firm Powers Client Relations With AI, Successfully Reviewing Contract Clauses

About the Client 

The Client is an AI-powered contract and legal document analytics company.



The Client’s services include secure contract storage and classification of contracts based on their various clauses. Companies providing varied services have thousands of contracts with customers, contractors, and employees.

The Client’s service helps identify and analyze keywords and terms in their customers’ contract repository with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

  • To identify and analyze keywords, the Client’s AI needs to be taught the different contractual obligations and clauses used in a contract.
  • The Client’s AI needs to identify which contract runs for 2 years, and which one terminates at the end of 3 years. In addition, it needs to identify what the term clause in a contract looks like.
  • There are numerous clauses in a contract ranging from Assignment Rights, to use of Customer Data, that the AI needs to understand and differentiate.


  • LegalEase Solutions assigned a team of Contract Law Review attorneys to review contracts based on the Client’s manual 
  • The manual outlines instructions from the Client’s customers on how each contract clause must be interpreted, as each contract varies
  • The LegalEase Solutions Contract Review Team reviewed various contract clauses including parties to the contract, assignment, limitation of liability, autorenewal, warranty, indemnification, and publicity
  • The LegalEase Solutions team adhered to strict QC measures to ensure that reviews were error-free
  • LegalEase Solutions reviewed the Client’s customers’ legacy contracts and contracts that the Client’s customers execute every day
  • Legacy contracts are reviewed according to set timelines ranging from a few days to a few weeks, depending upon the volume of contracts. 
  • LegalEase Solutions reviewed and delivered the Client’s contracts in just 24 hours


LegalEase Solutions reviewed roughly 2 million contract clauses in over 500,000 contracts for around 70 of the Client’s customers.

  • The LegalEase Solutions team delivered this project over the course of 30 months 
  • Many of the terms that required human intelligence are now reviewed by the Client’s AI
  • The LegalEase Solutions team now validates the review done by the Client’s AI for many clauses

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