Legal Cloud Service Provider’s Expansion Goals Realized With Cloud-based Legal Tech

The Client is a startup that provides legal cloud-based service, based in the US. They help attorneys cut legal document assembly time by 50%. Further, the Client provides services such as court form auto-filling, conversion of Microsoft Word-based legal documents to online templates, and intelligent document automation.

  • Challenge

    The Client needed to expand their reach across the United States. As the Client was a startup, they had few in-house resources. They approached LegalEase Solutions to create legal templates to build and expand their cloud-based legal template repository for various states and practice areas. The Client required research and drafting expertise by LegalEase Solutions for their large volume of templates.

  • Solution

    • LegalEase Solutions delegated a team of dedicated attorneys for the project. The Client provided training for the LegalEase Solutions attorneys on their unique template preparation and coding
    • A few of the LegalEase Solutions attorneys supported the Client’s legal research and drafting requirements, along with template preparation, while the other LegalEase Solutions attorneys did the coding
    • The LegalEase Solutions team gave the Client daily updates on the progress of the project and met with the Client’s team weekly
    • LegalEase Solutions launched the research process by creating statutory/general/court published forms
    • The LegalEase Solutions team created legal form templates that offered multiple options


    • The Client saved their time by 65% with the time and resources savings that LegalEase Solutions provided
    • The Client expanded their cloud-based legal template bank within 1 year
    • LegalEase Solutions' expertise in different practice areas and jurisdictions helped deliver a seamless and thorough project for the Client
    • The Client was able to focus on improving their technology and process instead of spending time on rote processes
  • Result

    • LegalEase Solutions delivered a 50 States Cause Title Project for all 50 states in the US
    • The Client successfully expanded their business to include attorneys in New York, Texas, Florida and Illinois
    • The LegalEase Solutions process included delivering a cloud-based legal template bank of autofill forms, and templates well ahead of time
      • This included complaints, motions, discovery packages, jury instructions, legal letters, and various real estate, business, and employment contracts
    • By using this service by LegalEase Solutions, the Client now assigns competitive pricing for their services