Parking Mgmt Firm Continues Impeccable Compliance Track Record With Legal Intelligence and Review Solutions

The Client is a leading US parking facility management services provider. They manage over 1,000,000 parking spots and the subsequent logistics & enforcement involved, across the United States.


Staying compliant with all local laws across North America was an arduous task that drained the Client’s resources and valuable time.

  • The relevant provisions were scarce, while there was an abundance of relevant information
  • The Client required extensive assistance with License Plate Recognition laws and Parking Enforcement measures which they could utilize, without violating any statutes
  • Manually checking compliance for laws and regulations by city and state was time-consuming


  • The LegalEase Solutions team identified the relevant statutes by using exact keywords during research
  • By utilizing multiple research sources, LegalEase Solutions further included the observations made by courts regarding the Client’s subject matter
  • LegalEase Solutions launched the initial research stage by using relevant state provisions or statutes
  • The LegalEase Solutions team narrowed down state provisions, or statutes, to identify the concerned municipality or jurisdiction
  • LegalEase Solutions created a template that was shared with the Client for them to sign off on
    • This template included questions for every situation and topic, in order to capture relevant information
    • The template served as a guide for every city and state specific question and was delivered during the pilot
  • LegalEase Solutions went the extra mile by adding website links for the sources, to further build the credibility of the research


  • LegalEase Solutions created a power BI dashboard with visuals of the research, which provided an overview of the research project
  • The LegalEase Solutions team went the extra mile by adding website links for the sources to further build the credibility of the research
  • LegalEase Solutions delivered additional information for relevant case laws


  • LegalEase Solutions delivered a thoroughly researched project that helped the Client stay compliant with laws and regulations, well ahead of time
  • The Client was satisfied with how the project significantly reduced their costs, and time that would have been spent on the same process