Investment & Banking Firm Successfully On-boards Institutional Client With AML Legal Tech

“The Client is a Fortune 500 company that provides banking, investing, and insurance services to their clients. They have almost 100 years of experience in the field of investment and insurance, and are a trusted brand by millions of Americans. “


The client needed to onboard an institutional organization. They reached out to LegalEase Solutions to run an Anti Money Laundering (AML) due diligence check on the organization.


  • LegalEase Solutions has extensive experience with AML support projects in the financial sector
  • LegalEase mobilized an AML support team to launch the project immediately
  • The AML support attorneys provided a seamless solution for the client’s customer onboarding process
    • The LegalEase team determines whether funds are obtained legally
    • Counter party names are screened against AML watchlists, adverse media, and enforcement actions databases to mitigate money laundering risks
    • If a potential counterparty is suspected to have engaged in money laundering, or poses as a money laundering threat, they are immediately reported to the client
  • LegalEase Solutions was available to take on all types of AML check requests, whether they were expedited or not


  • LegalEase Solutions promptly shared the AML verification documents within the requested timeline
  • The Client’s client’s financials and sources were thoroughly vetted against an exhaustive AML list
  • The LegalEase Solutions team helped the client meet their internal timelines