Automotive Company Wins Lawsuits With Detailed Answers to Complaint Service

“Between 2008-2009, LegalEase Solutions drafted over 1,000 Answers to Complaints;”




Turnaround Time


Cost Savings


A class action lawsuit claimed damages from a Fortune 500 automotive company for facing asbestos exposure while at work. The company needed a quick and cost-effective defense in various state courts, and when appropriate, summary dismissal of the lawsuits by means of:

  • Review of the lawsuits filed in various state courts.
  • Preparation of Answers to lawsuits based on the company’s standard legal and factual positions.
  • Motions for Summary Judgment after reviewing discovery materials.
  • Deposition transcripts, interrogatories, and other relevant documents.
  • Preparation of deposition summaries.


LegalEase Solutions assigned staff attorneys to read all incoming lawsuits against the automotive client, and prepared Answers and Motions for Summary Judgment, and deposition summaries as appropriate. The company’s outside counsel then reviewed and filed these pleadings. Between 2008-2009, LegalEase Solutions drafted over 1,000 Answers to Complaints; over 100 Motions for Summary Judgment/Adjudication and numerous Deposition Summaries consisting of over 100,000 pages of deposition testimony.


The company

  • Obtained cost savings of over 75% on this project, when compared to the cost of doing this purely through outside counsel.
  • Won numerous lawsuits due to the timely and meticulously prepared Answers.