White Papers

Informative documents regarding attorney support services.

Ethical imperatives in an LPO

Part I – Conflict Checking

LPO firms should ensure that they have a complete conflict checking system in place for their work.

Ethical imperatives in an LPO

Part II – Protecting Client Confidentiality

Keeping the data and security of your client safe is a major concern for LPO firms.

Significance of a conflict check system in Legal Outsourcing

When handling a case, LPO firms must adhere to a strict compliance of conflict checks to prevent a conflict of interest.

Ensuring Quality: A managing Attorney’s take on Legal Outsourcing

Attorney Christopher Crawford explains how a blended onshore-offshore model creates an efficient LPO system.

Staffing and Cost Cutting for Attorneys

LPO firms assist law practices and corporate counsel when they are short-staffed and low on money.

The Legal Outsourcing agreement and its key terms

Responsibilities and obligations of the client and LPO firm should be stated clearly in a formal contract.

What “NOT” to outsource to an LPO

Complex and fact-driven one-off cases, and subject matter counsel is unfamiliar with, should not be outsourced.

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