iPAT Video

iPAT developed by LegalEase Solutions and Felix, leverages historical data, artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics to predict case outcomes, value cases and help reduce litigation time and associated legal expenses to help OEMs resolve warranty/lemon law claims more accurately, quickly and at a lower cost.

How Playbooks Streamline Routine Contract Negotiations

Contract playbooks help save over 60% in time and money spent on repeatedly negotiating a given contract type.

Client Testimonial - In Conversation with LAWYAW

Outsourced Services for In-house Legal Departments and Law Firms

Tariq Hafeez, President / Co-Founder & Patrice Asimakis, Director of Legal Services, talk about process engineering, legal technology and LegalEase’s customer centric approach to providing solutions for corporate legal departments.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Review Services

We've developed a very efficient process for reviewing and readlining high volumes of non-disclosure agreements.