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Visualize Contract Data in One Place

Better Contract Data Insights and Metrics at Your Fingertips
  • Know exactly what’s in your contracts without having to read them one at a time
    • LegalEase contract analytics solution provides an intuitive dashboard that lets you search, sort, review, and compare contract data, across the entire contract corpus
    • You can also create custom search policies and teach the platform the precise language and terms. This gives you the ability to look deep inside all of your contracts so that you can accurately report on a broad set of contract metrics and find specific information you need
  • 45% companies use Contract Analytics for NDAs and procurement/vendor contracts
    • Gain visibility into your relationships, operations, risks, obligations, and opportunities when the business, legal, or regulatory environment changes
    • Understand and reduce the risk associated with changing regulatory mandates coming from the IFRS or EBA, as well as evolving legislation such as Dodd-Frank, and be ready for audits, if needed
    • Track and compare standard and non-standard clauses
    • Efficiently find alternative provisions for form agreement analysis and creation
    • Manage your risk exposure by ensuring your contracts contain fully approved language
    • Reduce the time and cost associated with finding, managing, and reviewing contracts, provisions, and terms
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