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CLM Selection - We Make CLM Implementation Easy, From Pre-sales to Customer Adoption and Long-term Growth

A CLM solution improves your department’s efficiency, reduces costs, increases transparency, and minimizes overall risk.

Our assessment offering guides you every step of the way and helps you identify a best fit CLM application to service your needs.

3 Stages Of Our Robust Selection Process

  • Prepare
    • Prepare internal survey
    • Outline barriers to success
    • Prepare maturity assessment
    • Deliver survey
    • Schedule in-person interviews
  • Engage
    • Meeting outline
    • Summarize customer meetings
    • Create results document
    • Create recommendations document
  • Reveal
    • Communicate findings
    • Deliver recommendations to customer
    • Follow-up with customer

CLM Implementation Services

We provide expert implementations and rollouts for every company, big or small
  • Implementation Support at Every Stage

    There are a variety of complexities and configuration nuances to be aware of when you implement a CLM solution. With contract management solutions built for Salesforce, we help configure and customize the solution to fit your business needs.

    From point-and-click tools to large-scale changes, we know what it takes to get your business implemented successfully.

  • Migrating Contract Metadata Has Never Been Easier

    Having data in multiple systems can be challenging. If the quality of your data input is low, the output will be poor and inaccurate. Getting data migration right is crucial to all CLM implementations. With our data migration services, we smoothly migrate your data into your new solution without data loss or corruption, system downtime, or impact on your business.

    We analyze and structure your legacy data before the migration so that the data remains well- structured and ready to use as soon as it is migrated. To further support data quality after migration, we develop rules for data structuring.

  • Ensure Long-term Adoption with Robust Training

    Your CLM rollout is only as good as the users you’ve enabled. It is extremely important to assign an expert to be responsible for implementing the change and educating users to make sure they are comfortable with operating the new system.

    We train to provide faster time-to-value and guarantee long-term adoption. With our training services, we ensure you are making the best possible use of default and custom features to enhance overall employee productivity.

  • Support for Go-live Efforts

    We work with you at every step of the way from UAT (User Acceptance Testing) to a smooth and error-free launch of your CLM solution into production.

  • Post-launch Support Ensures a Perfect CLM Fit

    The first 3 months after taking CLM live is the critical part of your implementation. Change management is often the most neglected process in large CLM implementations. With our post- launch support, you’ll have access to a dedicated team of experts to help you fine-tune features and increase adoption of your CLM solution.

CLM Integration Services

Integrating your CLM with core business systems? Not sure which business systems to integrate? We can help!
  • Seamless Integration Services

    Businesses are exposed to unnecessary risk and liabilities when contracts exist in several different places, or with limited access across departments - not to mention compliance issues. With our integration service, we help assess which business solutions need to be integrated into your CLM process.

  • Post-launch Tools for Success

    Successful CLM implementations often require gaining alignment among stakeholders and integrating contracts into key business processes. Our on-demand 3-month package:

    • Offers support in helping you fine-tune features
    • Ensures adoption in your business
    • Provides additional training
    • Allows you to consult us regarding any issues you may run into
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