Voluminous Contracts are Increasing By the Day.
Your Legal Team Isn't!

Free up your legal team's time!
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What Do Our Contract Review Services Offer You?
Increase deal flow

Increase your deal flow.

Provide guardrails

Provide guardrails by standardizing the contract review process.

Reduce risk

Reduce risk by ensuring consistent reviews of contracts across the firm.

Collect data

Eliminate legal bottlenecks in processes to increase response time.

Free up internal resources by

Accurate contract reviews on schedule, with same day delivery, if required.

Our expert attorneys

Lighten the load on internal resources by saving time.

Collect data

Collect data and contract history that you can leverage in every new negotiation.

Our expert attorneys are specialists who deliver efficient and high-quality contract solutions!

Engineering Solutions with
Your Business Needs in Mind

    • We collaborate with CLM partners who combine new technology and improved business processes to address legal challenges
    • We combine this with our team of attorneys and contract specialists through onshore, offshore, and hybrid models
    • With custom solutions for you to choose from, we have you covered throughout the entire contract lifecycle journey
Contract Review and Contract Abstraction

Contract Review and Contract Abstraction

We review, summarize, extract, and redline contracts. Our attorneys prepare an abstract for each completed contract that summarizes the rights and obligations of both parties.
Contract Analytics

Contract Analytics

Our contract analytics solution gives you an intuitive dashboard to search for, sort through, review, and compare contract data. Get deeper insights on all contracts, and accurate reports covering a wide range of contract metrics.
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AI Powered NDA Review

AI Powered NDA Review

Entrust your NDAs to a Superteam of Artificial Intelligence technology (AI) and skilled attorneys.

Our process is simple

  • Step 1: Upload your NDA as a Word file
  • Step 2: Machine learning compares your document against expert NDA standards to mark revisions, or absence of important terms
  • Step 3: Our team of NDA attorneys will review and redline the NDA manually
  • Step 4: We will deliver the reviewed and redline NDA within the timeline that you specify
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Contract Drafting and Contract Negotiation

Contract Drafting and Contract Negotiation

Effective contract negotiation is important in business lifecycles. Research is key to the negotiation process.

Our attorneys take the time to uncover the facts that relate to your business. We prepare a Playbook and determine how it impacts your negotiations. Working with your legal and business teams, we ensure a successful outcome for you and your counterparts.

Our attorneys work with your team to 

  • understand terms
  • provide contract drafts
  • and redline contracts from third parties
Contract Process Engineering

Contract Process Engineering

We reengineer the entire contract lifecycle, starting with requests, all the way to execution. This creates an improved and streamlined workflow for increased efficiency.

Our team

  • Engineers the contract request by authoring, negotiating, and approving processes
  • Drafts contracts using structured templates
  • Understands the client’s needs by collecting information, populating requisition forms on the contract lifecycle management (CLM) platform, and generates contracts using the platform
  • Reviews and standardizes templates
  • Develops process flows that streamline implementation for efficient contract management
  • Creates the contract(s) from scratch, in case there are no available templates
  • Conducts meticulous reviews and assessments of all contracts, pursuant to the protocols, and highlights involved risk(s)
  • Negotiates with the client’s vendors and makes contract revisions
  • Provides an easy audit trail with the help of the platform’s version history control
Playbook Creation

Playbook Creation

A substantial Playbook is the key element in helping your organization operate efficiently. We create a comprehensive Playbook that provides legal and business explanations for all contractual terms. It defines pre-established fallback positions, and outlines clear escalation protocols.
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Legacy Contract Migration Solutions

Legacy Contract Migration Solutions

Do you have questions like

  • Why should I migrate?
  • How many of my contracts should I migrate?
  • How do I migrate legacy contracts that are on SharePoint, OneDrive, or a legacy CLM?

We've got the solution.

Our team of attorneys are specialized in legacy contract migration, and work with leading CLM tech providers. We organize your contracts, extract metadata, and review your legacy contracts. Then we upload the contracts and add labels to help you locate your legacy contracts in your new CLM.

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Contract Summarization

Contract Summarization

Our contract attorneys

  • Review and summarize your contracts quickly
  • Deliver efficient, technology-enabled solutions
  • Work with you to identify the clauses and terms you will need summaries for
  • Create a checklist, and analyze the key provisions in your contracts to provide summaries that can be easily exported
Due Diligence Reviews

Due Diligence Reviews

Our due diligence review attorneys

  • Prepare customized checklists with the company's detailed due diligence business goals
  • Provide a comprehensive assessment of the possible legal risks related to the corporate status, assets, contracts, securities, and intellectual property of the target company
  • Facilitate contract remediation and drafting of transaction contracts, be it a merger, acquisition, or a spin-off

Effortless Onboarding

Setting up a pilot is easy!

We created our client experience and success program for a seamless transition, so that you don't waste valuable time hosting training sessions.

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Steps to Onboarding a Pilot

Effortless Onboarding - CLM

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Effortless Onboarding - CLM

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Effortless Onboarding - CLM

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Don't Take Our Word for It!

Don't just take our word for it. Hear what our clients are saying.

NDAs are crucial to our business and need to be turned around very quickly to initiate deal conversations. We found LegalEase and today they reviewed over 1000+ NDAs for us. What is outstanding about them is their quality, responsiveness, and their principle of always keeping client’s needs first.

General Counsel,
Private Equity Firm
New York

The LegalEase team streamlined our NDA process, helping us free over 100+ hours a month that our loan in-house team has used to focus on new investments and M&A activity.

General Counsel,
Real Estate Investment Management Firm
New York

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