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How to Propel Your
CLM Transformation Journey

Do you want to implement a successful CLM strategy that is completely scalable? Learn more about the preliminary groundwork before you set out on the rewarding journey to simplify your current CLM processes.

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    What You’ll Learn

    Laying The Groundwork

    Identifying CLM goals
    • Meeting with stakeholders
    • Carving a strategy
    Pre-design Phase
    • Identifying gaps in processes
    • Reviewing business needs in system capabilities
    • Planning resource and communications management
    • Organizing teams representing clients and service providers
    • Define success criteria and metrics


    Jim O’Hare
    Vice President - CLM Services
    LegalEase Solutions
    • Jim has 36 years of experience in software industry
    • He has 22 years of experience as a CLM services leader
    • And over 400+ successful CLM implementations
    Tariq Hafeez
    President & Co-Founder
    LegalEase Solutions
    • Tariq has over 20 years of experience in the legal industry, practicing corporate, commercial real estate, health care, and criminal law both in the private sector, and as an assistant attorney general for Michigan
    • Since 2005, Tariq has been creating and innovating in the legal tech space at LegalEase Solutions
    Guest Speaker
    Jonathon Israel
    Legal Operations Manager
    Black Knight
    • Jonathon has over 20 years of experience in legal operations
    • He headed The Florida Bar's law practice management assistance program for over 6 of those years
    • His expertise lies in organization and structuring of technology platforms

    Success Story

    Home Equity Lending Company Automates Contract Renewal with LegalEase

    About Our Client

    Client provides software, data and analytics for home equity lending and servicing.


    The client needed to migrate a large volume of legacy data to their CLM platform. Their technology provider did not have the capability to migrate this legacy data.

    In addition, the client realized 1 year into their implementation that executed contracts were not auto-renewing, and those that were not on auto-renewal had no mechanism to alert the team members or appreciate next actions, some needed auto renewal, while others required more intervention.

    The client was also undergoing an M&A and needed all data and docs extracted from the CLM for auditing purposes.


    • LegalEase mobilized a team of dedicated CLM expert attorneys to tackle the client's challenges
    • The LegalEase team identified and migrated the client's legacy data to the new CLM platform
    • The LegalEase team set up automatic notifications for expiring contracts when a member of the legal team needed to be involved
    • The LegalEase Team created processes around all types of renewals, automatic and otherwise
    • LegalEase provided the client with an auto-renewal solution by integrating their CRM with the client's custom e-signature system
    • LegalEase also leveraged the CRMs API to create a bespoke method through which a Sales User could select the contracts and documents for signature, and send this data to their outside system, while also gathering back the finalized document back into the CRM
    • LegalEase was able to provide methods through which all required data and docs were extracted, within 48 hours, for a very important audit.


    • LegalEase successfully migrated all of the client's legacy data to the new CLM platform
    • LegalEase assisted the client with their contract auto-renewal process
    • LegalEase built a custom eSign “bridge” so contracts form the CRM got sign in accordance with the rest of their contracts living outside the sales side CRM
    • LegalEase provided emergency assistance in meeting audit compliance needs through data and document extraction

    About LegalEase Solutions

    LegalEase Solutions provides corporations, in-house legal departments and law firms innovative support with customized approaches to modernizing and streamlining their legal functions. Since 2005, the company has helped dozens of clients improve efficiency, speed up processes and remove redundancies.

    Leveraging products and services from a variety of leading vendors, LegalEase provides technology-agnostic, tailor-made solutions that are responsive to client needs.

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