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Predicting Outcomes in Litigation Using Data Analytics + AI

July 14, 2021

How to Eliminate Bottlenecks and Streamline NDAs in Your Deal Flow

April 28, 2021

Source: https://cutt.ly/2bcpuaq


Cultivating Partnerships and Crafting Solutions to Drive Client Success

Ari Kaplan in conversation with Patrice Asimakis and Naseeha Machingal, the Director of Legal Services and the Client Success and Partnerships Lead, respectively.

With Ari, we discussed the importance of forming partnerships in the current climate, how the pandemic has impacted client expectations, and where the market for Alternative Legal Service Providers is headed in 2021.


Client Testimonial - In Conversation with LAWYAW
Outsourced Services for In-house Legal Departments and Law Firms

Tariq Hafeez, President / Co-Founder & Patrice Asimakis, Director of Legal Services, talk about process engineering, legal technology and LegalEase’s customer centric approach to providing solutions for corporate legal departments.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Review Services

We've developed a very efficient process for reviewing and readlining high volumes of non-disclosure agreements.