Transform Legal With Tech. Litigation, Contracts, and more

Transform Legal
With Tech!
Litigation, Contracts, and More.

This was an in-person event sponsored by LegalEase Solutions, and ACC Michigan. The event was held on July 27, 2022, at the Detroit Foundation Hotel.

The panel discussion "Transform Legal With Tech. Litigation, Contracts, and More." was moderated by Tariq Hafeez, President/Co-Founder, LegalEase Solutions LLC, focused on legal transformation and its impact on the contract and litigation space.

The one-hour panel discussion gives you insights on

  • How tech can be harnessed to improve your law departments' efficiency
  • The role of legal tech in enhancing contract management
  • How document automation and predictive analytics is being used to drive down litigation costs for automotive OEMs
  • The evolution of CLM from contracts to a unified legal platform

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The Panellists

Patrice Asimakis

Patrice Asimakis
Director of Legal Services,
LegalEase Solutions


Patrice has extensive expertise in handling litigation and transactional matters for large firms and...

Plus Minus

Patrice has extensive expertise in handling litigation and transactional matters for large firms and solo practitioners. She is at the forefront of “NewLaw,” the global transformation redefining how legal services are delivered. Patrice helps lawyers craft innovative solutions across a number of verticals, including legal research, legal operations, contract management, compliance, litigation services and legal analytics.

Patrice was awarded Innovator of the Year by the 2022 Legalweek Leaders in Tech Law Awards. Recently, Patrice was also named as a "Women Worth Watching in Leadership" by Profiles in Diversity Journal.

Jerry Levine

Jerry Levine
Chief Evangelist and General Counsel (Americas),


Jerry serves as an advisor to customers and the internal client voice, helping to guide global client success and...

Plus Minus

Jerry serves as an advisor to customers and the internal client voice, helping to guide global client success and shape overall product vision.

As a former global general counsel and Corporate Secretary at Amelia (IPsoft) - and a ContractPodAi customer, himself - he successfully implemented ContractPodAi within IPsoft’s legal department. Jerry also held leadership and consulting positions at both publicly and privately held companies, including Axiom and LexisNexis. He also founded a start-up focused law firm. As a leader in legal design thinking, he has been committed to helping legal professionals become “awesome lawyers” and strategic organizational leads - to drive results and increase market share for businesses.

Jerry holds a B.S. in Marketing and Japanese from the University of Maryland, and a J.D. with Honors from Rutgers Law School. He is currently based in New York City.

Chris Combs

Brittany Wayne
Commercial Counsel,


Brittany is Commercial Counsel at LinkSquares and is responsible for drafting and...

Plus Minus

Brittany is Commercial Counsel at LinkSquares and is responsible for drafting and negotiating contracts with prospective customers, existing clients, and vendors. She enjoys gaining insight from her own use of the product and uses it both to advise LinkSquares clients and to negotiate contracts for all teams across the company. Prior to joining LinkSquares, Brittany worked as In-House Counsel at a global healthcare consulting company.

Brittany is a Miami-native but has lived in Boston for the past 10 years. She holds a B.S. degree from Florida State University and a J.D. from Suffolk University Law School, and is licensed to practice law in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Our Success Stories

Manufacturing Company Charts Pathway to Progress with LegalTech and Peerless CLM Services

A leading manufacturing company was operating without a contract lifecycle management (CLM) system leaving the company exposed to longterm risks. The company drew a blank when it came to their contractual obligations, payment terms, and many other important contractual milestones, spelling danger for their business. The company’s risk assessment served as a warning bell to its board and legal team, when the assessment revealed, 35% of the risk was attributed to not having a contract management platform and not being able to get insights from their contracts. The company had to select a contract management system at the earliest to mitigate this risk.

Bringing the Right Technology on Board— An end-to-end Contract Lifecycle Management Solution

  1. LegalEase stepped up to the plate and quickly mapped out the client’s pain points to recommend the right technology-partner for the task at hand.
  2. With several contract management platforms in the market, it was important for the client to choose a platform that addressed their needs, was easy to customize, and provided strong user adoption value.
  3. LegalEase lined up a platform demo for the client within 24 hours of the initial scoping call, which significantly helped the client understand the value a contract management platform could add to its risk management efforts.

Contract Review Services—Managed by a Virtual Contract Manager

To bring order to the company’s contract management process, LegalEase Solutions designated a team of expert virtual contract managers (VCMs) to review the contracts. The VCMs created a comprehensive contract playbook with clear guidelines for reviewing the terms and conditions of the voluminous contracts along with ensuring seamless integration of the robust CLM system that took care of the company’s contractual obligations, important dates, and in-cycle contract activities.

LegalEase’s layered contract management services helped the client save precious time through data migration and our virtual support helped the client achieve harmonious implementation of the CLM-system across all departments. While the client’s team was learning the ropes, LegalEase Solutions provided around-the-clock support until the client was ready to take the wheel.

Hybrid Solutions—The Way Forward

The LegalEase Partner Program brings together and celebrates the outcome of co-intelligence. LegalEase handpicks partners that routinely drive legal revolution with their proprietary strategy, state-of-the-art technology, and intuitive solutions. With the right combination of exceptional global talent and years of intelligence in developing time-tested processes and solutions, LegalEase stitches its services and its partner’s technology together to create hybrid solutions that are tailor-made for the client, reduce manual processes, and add significant cost savings to the company’s bottom line.

By bringing the best of both worlds together—legal-tech and legal services— LegalEase provided the client with a structured contract management process that enabled the client to not only plug all the gaps in their risk exposure but also allowed them to draft, review, negotiate and execute their contracts 4 times faster than before! The company’s legal department now has:

  • Increased contract performance, which can be easily monitored, tracked, and acted upon, using business intelligence functionality
  • 60% cost and time savings in contract management administration as LegalEase’s Contract Managers continue to take care of contracts that need to be reviewed or drafted by legal or contracts specialists, freeing up the in-house legal team’s time to focus on more complex tasks
  • Reduction in annual revenue leakage through the adoption of automated alerts and reminders ensuring 100% compliance with key dates such as contract renewals and price escalations.

Before LegalEase Intervention

  • 40 % Risk Exposure
  • No Contract Repository
  • Missed Expirations
  • Compliance Issues
  • Ineffective Approval Workflows
  • Excessive Loss of Time and Resources
  • Contractual Risk Exposure

After LegalEase Intervention

  • Complete Risk Mitigation with Automated Contract Risk Assessment
  • NSingle Touch Point Repository with Preconfigured Contract Templates
  • Clause Library Configuration
  • Structured Workflows to Manage Revisions, Renewals, and Terminations
  • Integrated Vendor Negotiation Portal
  • Improved contract governance via audit trails and by setting consistent workflows to bring consistency in the negotiation approach.

Attorney Intelligence Combines Forces with Artificial Intelligence to Review NDAs

A privately held investment firm that serves some of the world’s most influential organizations acquired highly sensitive information in the course of its business from its numerous clients. To protect this information, the company needed to regularly execute Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), unique to their terms of agreement with each client and specific to their clients’ requirements. A single template method was not going to suffice.

On average, the company’s four-people legal department received seven NDAs to review every day. The team needed to assess every clause in each NDA, which left them shorthanded both in terms of time and resources. Reviewing NDAs with a fine-tooth comb was crucial to the company’s business and although low risk, these NDAs came in high volumes with a quick turnaround time to the business unit.

The client’s in-house legal team was struggling to maintain the meticulousness required for reviewing sensitive data without becoming a bottleneck to the deal discussions. In addition, given the tight schedules, the in-house team was left with no time or mind space to focus on any revenue generating tasks.

The company needed to find a solution that would allow them to keep pace with the clients’ expectations, provide high-quality services, and handle the sensitive information with utmost diligence.

NDA Review Workflow Powered by AI Magic and LegalEase Custom Playbooks

LegalEase partnered with a leading contract review automation platform that uses AI to compare the client document with competent NDA standards and is able to highlight the needed revisions based on our SME’s inputs.

To get the desired results, our team of NDA attorneys and SMEs helped create custom playbooks on the AI platform, and set up a process that first ran the NDAs received through the AI Platform and then through the custom playbook built by our attorneys. The AI platform added efficiency to the process and generated outcomes in 5 minutes for our attorney to review.

From in-house bottleneck to revenue-generator

LegalEase attorneys quality-checked and reviewed the AIfindings, and turned around the NDAs to the client in record time. LegalEase’s mantra of stitching together the might of AI and human intelligence into a hybrid solution for reviewing NDAs allowed the client to do things that truly generated revenue.

The turnaround time for the client’s NDAs dropped from three days or more to two hours or less. This gave the client valuable time to focus on doing more strategic work—a higher priority for growing the business.

Getting back 115 hours per month with LegalEase NDA review

LegalEase serving as an extension to the client’s in-house legal team and taking over the work of reviewing their NDAs reduced the time their team spent on tedious legal work. The client felt an immediate impact since our team was able to save them at least three hours per contract and 115 hours a month as a team, depending on the complexity of the contract.

This efficient solution helped the legal team of the private equity firm not only save 65% cost but also focus on the revenue generating tasks and respond to business teams in record turnaround time.

Reducing risk and ensuring consistency

Risk levels generally go up when the legal team has a hectic schedule. With LegalEase handling the NDA reviews, the client’s risk appetite was in control, ensuring consistency and quality in the work.

The firm’s legal department:

  • Receives thorough and complete NDAs
  • Is free to focus on other core projects
  • y Gains 75% Cost Savings

Before LegalEase Intervention

  • NDA Review Bottleneck
  • Slow Response Time to Business Teams
  • Error Percentage 35%
  • Legal Team Buried in NDA Reviews
  • Excessive Loss of Time and Resources

After LegalEase Intervention

  • NDA Review Workflow—Greater Control and Reduced Risk Exposure
  • Faster Turnaround Time to Business Teams—Less than 2 Hours
  • Time and Cost Savings—75%
  • Global Coverage for reviewing team that is now able to provide NDAs to Singapore, NY, SF in only 2 hours from requesting

Same Day NDA Review— Faster Response

Efficient Operations, No Bottlenecks.

75% Cost Savings

A Large OEM seeks Cost Reduction in Legal Fees

A large global automotive OEM aims to significantly decrease legal fees and costs in California by leveraging data and predictive analytics to provide for more accurate settlement valuation and shorten the time to resolution.

LegalEase and its AI technology partner FelixHealthcare.AI commit to providing a highly accurate model to the OEM within 60 days. First, it aims to understand the problem statement and collect all data points readily available with the legal department.

Over 5 years of historical litigation data was collected and cleansed from the OEM’s matter management and billing platform. LegalEase attorneys and data scientists had several working sessions with the OEM legal and technology staff to discuss the relationship between the various data factors and potential outcomes in litigation.

LegalEase powered by FelixHealthcare. AI, built a working model for the OEM which provided objective and consistent settlement valuation of breach of warranty cases and a predictive model that alerts the OEM to potentially problematic cases. The proof of concept was achieved in 60 days.

  • Sufficient data upon which the data model can be built & trained
  • Access to SMEs to understand the process during requirements gathering and detailed feedback after initial outputs so the engine can be further trained (supervised learning)
  • Smooth access to data, environment for sandbox installation & other technical assistance as required

Company seeks Answers to Lawsuits

A Fortune 500 automobile company was subject to breach of warranty litigation throughout the United States. At the time, the company engaged outside counsel in each of the States where it was being sued on warranty claims. While the vast majority of these lawsuits were dismissed or settled short of trial, the company nevertheless needed an efficient and cost-effective way to prepare answers to the lawsuits.

LegalEase devised a process whereby all breach of warranty lawsuits nationwide were sent to their expert team of attorneys. The team proceeded to draft Answers to the lawsuits and forwarded them to local counsel for review and filing on a low flat fee model and within 48 hours of receipt.

LegalEase powered by FelixHealthcare. AI, built a working model for the OEM which provided objective and consistent settlement valuation of breach of warranty cases and a predictive model that alerts the OEM to potentially problematic cases. The proof of concept was achieved in 60 days.

The Company

  • Achieved efficiency for high-volume lawsuits with timely, well-prepared Answers
  • Drove down costs of employing outside counsel for drafting Answers to lawsuits
  • Discovered a sustainable model to defend itself against lawsuits

About LegalEase Solutions

LegalEase Solutions provides corporations, in-house legal departments and law firms innovative support with customized approaches to modernizing and streamlining their legal functions. Since 2005, the company has helped dozens of clients improve efficiency, speed up processes and remove redundancies.

Leveraging products and services from a variety of leading vendors, LegalEase provides technology-agnostic, tailor-made solutions that are responsive to client needs.

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