New rape law passed in Germany after historical inadequacy of protection for victims
New rape law passed in Germany after historical inadequacy of protection for victims
July 16, 2016
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August 16, 2016

Sanders officially endorses Clinton’s Presidential Campaign

Clinton’s Presidential Campaign

On Tuesday July 12, Bernie Sanders came out to officially endorse Hillary Clinton’s campaign for presidency in New Hampshire. After waiting for almost one month after the end of the primary competition, Sanders championed Clinton for her plans on topics like increasing minimum wages and solving the climate change problem. New Hampshire was one of Sanders’ strongest wins in the primary battle – the state’s overwhelming support for him helping stave off Clinton’s inevitable victory for a while longer.

The attendees at the rally were of mixed emotions. Some people held signs for Sanders, yelled out in support of him, or yelled out against Clinton. That did not keep the rally from proceeding smoothly. On social media, Trump’s team was in a frenzy about Sanders finally endorsing Clinton, regarding him as a sellout and posting a video of the numerous times during the primary campaigns Sanders disagreed with Clinton. Sanders made it clear that the ultimate, more important goal here is to ensure Trump does not have the opportunity to move the country backwards on so many issues and to keep the United States moving forward.

Despite the fact that observers noticed an almost stiff relationship between Sanders and Clinton on stage, their united front will likely turnout to beneficial. Sanders is praised for getting younger voters excited and interested in the election, and his endorsement of Clinton will surely lead to some of his fans to support Clinton with the same fervor and passion they felt during his campaign.

More than half of goals Sanders’ had suggested during his campaign are now part of the Clinton platform – another reason for democratic voters to unite for Clinton. And, in an effort to further unify the party, Clinton made $27 dollar donations an option on her fundraising site, an amount that used to be an average donation amount given from Sanders’ supporters.

For the next few weeks Clinton will make more decisions regarding her campaign such as choosing a running mate, which will give Sanders supporters more information on which to base their decision to support her or not.

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