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June 9, 2015
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The REAL lives of attorneys
June 11, 2015

Make your meh meetings mind-blowing!

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Get rid of the chairs, and you’ll find that the duration of your meeting gets drastically reduced because, well… people don’t like standing up too much!

How do you make your law firm’s marketing meetings a whole lot more FUN? Yes, we actually used that word. We’ve compiled a list of the best-kept marketing meeting secrets that will boost your law firm’s productivity in just seconds. Want to find out how? Read on!

  1. Injecting GIFs, a dash of color, and amazing fonts into presentations. Our content writer tried this trick at our last marketing meeting, and we actually sat up and followed along. What would have been an otherwise boring (sorry LegalEase Content Writer!) presentation became so breathtaking, it had us by the seat of our pants.
  2. Ditch the whole meeting-type layout and opt instead for an UnConference. Apparently attendees and speakers can share ideas and collaborate on projects effortlessly.
  3. Best tip ever from Seahawk Associates, and we know you’re going to absolutely love this one, too: Get rid of the chairs, and you’ll find that the duration of your meeting gets drastically reduced because well… people don’t like standing up too much!
  4. A moment of silence… for those thoughts racing through our brains. Mandatory “quiet time” increases the success rate of your meeting.
  5. Another gem from Seahawk Associates (wow they sure know how to un-boring-ify meetings) involving exercise and toys. Collect a few soft toys, dolls, and those smiley face squishy balls. Throw them at the cynics at your meeting who go “no we can’t” and “it won’t work”, while you chant “give it a chance!”
  6. Rope in everyone. Don’t allow anyone to leave the meeting without being heard. The quiet associate might be too shy and polite to express her award-winning idea on how to implement a better writing strategy for research memos. The inverse of this tip leads to tip number 7…
  7. Hiring: Moderators. It might sound cliche, but you need to have one person who moderates the meeting. There’s always one person on board every meeting who is brimming with ideas and words, and cuts off every other person. There needs to be a moderator to ensure no one hijacks the meeting and focuses the spotlight on themselves.
  8. The more serious a topic is, the more easy and fun its presentation should be.


Our minutes from this meeting-article

  • Just have fun, honestly.
  • Make sure everyone gets involved, and that every task, project, or assignment is understood by ALL participants.
  • Remember, you’re one body, and you should all know what you’re doing.
  • Did we already say that you should have a fun meeting? You should. You really should.

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