If you are in a busy profession like law, holidays can bring about both relief and dread. Relief- at the idea of getting a few days off from an exhausting job, and spending time with friends and family, but dread- if you haven’t prepared for the holiday and have no idea of how to celebrate. Here’s a list of unconventional Thanksgiving things-to-do that you will certainly want to try out!

  1. Involve the office: If you aren’t getting time off, and if you and your entire firm have to work on
    Thanksgiving, don’t fret. There are ways to bring Thanksgiving to the office. Organize an office lunch. It
    doesn’t have to involve turkey. Take-out from a new and popular restaurant that your office can vote on, is
    sure to cheer everyone up. Create a Thanksgiving wall, where the whole firm can stick post-it notes,
    remembering their colleagues’ nice deeds over the year. Culminate the day with Pumpkin bowling in your
    office parking lot (improvise for the bowling pins).
  2. Celebrating with the family: Spending Thanksgiving with the family can get monotonous. Stir things up.
    Involve the whole family in making Thanksgiving decorations. Present the cook with a nice gift. Have a
    Thanksgiving circle where all of you take turns giving thanks for things that DIDN’T go wrong this year.
    Think of a family motto for the year together.
  3. Celebrating with friends: Thanksgiving with friends can be a riot! Plan a themed dinner (perhaps
    Thansgiween, if you missed Halloween this year). Go out as a group for a picnic or an adventure sport. Try
    out funny and original recipes. Thanksgiving Potluck can take stress off the host and be true to the spirit
    of Thanksgiving.
  4. For the soloist: There are plenty of things you can do by yourself on Thanksgiving. Volunteer. Donate
    blood. Help out anybody you see who is in distress. Present yourself with something. Skype with a loved
    one. Plan a trip. If you feel like doing nothing at all, stay in your pajamas, order food and watch a
    holiday movie.

In the end, Thanksgiving is about feeling grateful for what you have, wherever you are and whoever you are with. Happy Thanksgiving!

November 16, 2017
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If you are in a busy profession like law, holidays can bring about both relief and dread. Relief- at the idea of getting a few days […]
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