Evolve or dissolve… it’s your decision

-Larry Price

How to evolve is a learned skill, and one lawyers must have under their belt. LegalEase Solutions was selected best innovative legal tech startup at the Legal Tech Innovators Showcase! Hosted by EvolveLaw, on March 15th, the conference aimed to bridge the divide between legal tech startups and investors.

Lawyers are slow to embrace change, and rightly so. Not all change (in the legal space) is good, and some may be litigious. When it comes to welcoming new ideas related to the legal space and law practices, lawyers need to ensure that they don’t end up in hot water. Whatever a lawyer does will either directly or indirectly affect their clients, and eventually the lawyer’s overall reputation.

Learning to evolve will become a skill that every lawyer should educate themselves on. As trends indicate, professionals in the legal field are hesitant to change one of the oldest fields around. Change is certainly inevitable, and one that lawyers should slowly start to implement into their practice.

What are some areas that lawyers should consider ramping up and evolving in?

Obviously, the law can’t be changed, but the way it is presented can be. Going by recent trends, legal marketing and ediscovery (electronic discovery) are the leading segments in the legal field. New ideas are always welcomed when they’re viable, and stats show that marketing in the legal space can be exciting.

For instance, take Slack, the innovative way for teams to stay connected. Slack has effectively shown how a serious tool becomes popular and trending when it brings in a fun vibe. Businesses stay connected and cut down on extraneous emails when they use Slack. However, Slack has emerged as an industry leader in an innovative way- by bringing life to what they do. Most companies shy away from using casual language, and using lively colors. They stick to “serious” content and safe colors that have always been used.

As Henry Ford said, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”


March 18, 2016
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Evolve or dissolve… it’s your decision -Larry Price How to evolve is a learned skill, and one lawyers must have under their belt. LegalEase Solutions was […]
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