Every single time this last week, we’ve been about to hit the PUBLISH button for this post, but a new and tragic incident comes up. The last several days have seen a surge in the number of cases that hit headlines worldwide. A volatile stock market, an infidelity network exposed, uncontrollable wildfires in Washington, a killing aired on social media… what a week it’s been for the legal world.

On Infidelity

With the Ashley Madison case, it’s pretty ironic that a whole site dedicated to a certain type of behavior was undermined by behavior along the same lines. Although the lawsuits against Ashley Madison are mounting, and lives are at stake, it seems that the whole site was made on a bunch of fake profiles. Ashley Madison has successfully and single-handedly managed to ruin marriages nationwide. We’re not exactly sure if attorneys across the US will be able to defend their clients since the entire case is mired in controversy as of now.

When Suicide is Actually Manslaughter

A case is unravelling in court where a juvenile was found to be the person behind a young man taking his life. The young man was known to be battling a mental health disorder, which the juvenile in question was quick to jump on, and lure him to his death. What started out as a suicide case has since been re-classfied as manslaughter, owing to the fact that the juvenile actively forced the man to kill himself. There have been proposals to make a “Conrad’s Law” to protect vulnerable individuals suffering from mental health issues who might be preyed on by people such as the juvenile in question.

Broadcasting a Murder on Social Media, Live 

In Virginia, a man took the lives of two former colleagues and broadcasted the killing live on social media. According to reports, the gunman took his anger out on the victims which stemmed from a deep-rooted sense of hate. The case brought on a gun debate which is still on-going, as it is still unclear whether armed citizens could have saved the victims or not.

That’s a wrap, folks. Hopefully we see headlines that bring smiles to our faces next week!

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Every single time this last week, we’ve been about to hit the PUBLISH button for this post, but a new and tragic incident comes up. The […]
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