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How can a start-up lawyer get his initial set of clients

Start-up lawyer

Starting out on your own can be daunting for any professional. Your immediate concern is to bring in your first few clients and kick start your practice. At this juncture, it is really important to have a strategy in place so that prospective clients – can be informed about the legal services you offer.

Connect with friends from Law School
Your law school network-can play- a significant role in getting you -clients. However, you should not restrict your interaction just to lawyers and paralegals but broaden your search horizon.
Connect with Industry

Connect with people from industry, people who you think may benefit from your legal expertise. For instance a lawyer starting a Patent Litigation practice should go beyond patent attorneys and agents and attempt to build rapport with persons holding managerial roles in Technology or Life Sciences companies Targeted networking works slowly but it can definitely help you build your clientele.
Creating awareness within your Community

Participating in legal awareness camps or volunteering to speak at your law school or even speaking at an event in your local community are all good means of getting visibility and reaching out to the public.
Social Media & you

Disseminating information on the services you offer through social media and content blogging is an effective way to attract attention. In today’s digital culture, it has become common practice to search online for information. An updated website with current information in your practice area – combined with aggressive marketing through social media is an effective method of getting new business.

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