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July 9, 2015
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July 15, 2015

11 things that only lawyers will understand

Never do it for free

If only non-lawyers knew how many problems we have, maybe they’d stop plaguing us with those “can you give me a quick answer as to why I can’t run around on the streets naked?” questions. (Sir, I’m sorry but a quick answer it will be anything but.)

    1. When non-lawyers ask for free legal advice (which is almost every darn time).
    2. Never do it for free

    3. That feeling when both you and your partner walk away from winning a case.
    4. The best high-five of all time. Ever.

    5. Representing that client who shows up to court in electric yellow pants…
    6. Bad dress sense....

    7. They said being a lawyer would feel like this…
    8. I was promised millions

    9. But it’s actually like this.
    10. Help me, I'm poor

    11. That awkward moment when your associates are arguing over the coffeemaker… again.
    12. These bushes look like a nice place to disappear into

    13. Every. Client. Ever.
    14. Calm down Erin

    15. Messing up billable hour entries can ruin your life.
    16. This cat has seen terror.

    17. Trying to understand a weird case brief.
    18. ert

    19. Finding out you need to file over 1,000 pages of anything in 4 days.
    20. Buzz Lightyear's freefall

    21. Pretending to be surprised when opposing counsel presents “new evidence”.
    22. The look of utter surprise on this snow monkey though...


      Aaaaaaand…. a BONUS thing that only lawyers can understand!


      The euphoria you experience when your motion gets passed because it was that awesome.

      High-fiving a million angels


      Being a lawyer. It makes you cry, it makes you mad, it makes you go places you never knew existed. We wouldn’t give it up for the world, though.

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  1. Fathima Shaw says:

    My lawyer friends can completely relate! #8 is especially true for them, it seems.

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