Legacy Contract Migration

A Smarter Way to Migrate Legacy Contracts and Search for Contracts

Our approach to legacy contract migration combines the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) along with the Human Intelligence (HI) of our expert contract attorneys, who will walk you through a phased approach during migration.

Contract Metadata Abstraction

Contract Metadata Abstraction

LegalEase attorneys prepare a contract abstraction playbook with you. We abstract the key terms and provisions across your legacy contracts and perform contract review and quality control, to deliver accurate results. Our team delivers the extracted metadata output in a suitable format to load onto your Contract Lifecycle management (CLM) software

contract repositary

Contract Repository

Import legacy contracts and configure contract lifecycle management (CLM) comprehensively with folders, attributes, and security groups. Our attorneys help set up licenses based on client preferences and create an expansive template repository.

contract labeling

Contract Labeling

We create successful customer experiences for our clients by helping label the contracts in the repository, as soon as they are saved.

clause library

Clause Library Creation and Management

We draft the variants for different clauses in the contracts. These pre-approved clauses are stored on the client’s platform. The clause variants are reviewed and validated at regular intervals to adapt to changing business environments, and customer needs.

contract protocol

Contract Protocol

We collaborate with you to develop a detailed protocol for review of contracts.



We perform quick spot checks, and validate the terms that are auto-populated, to confirm that there are no issues.

post onboarding support

Post-Onboarding Support

We help clarify any concepts, workflows, set up reminders and review of terms for you.

playbook and wrokflow documentation

Playbooks and Workflow Documentation

LegalEase attorneys create comprehensive Playbooks that provide legal and business explanations for all contractual terms, define pre-established fallback positions, and outline clear escalation protocols. Our experts help you monitor Playbook usage, and suggest workflow improvements to implement an efficient and collaborative negotiation strategy across your organization.

template standaradizations

Template Standardization

Decentralized contracting practices and using too many templates increases contract risk, and potential liability. We standardize templates and will help set up a template for each contract type based on your needs.

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