Streamlined Contracts Allows Parking Services Firm to Streamline Client and Vendor Activities Nationwide

The Client is a leading US parking facility management services provider. They manage over 1,000,000 parking spots and the subsequent logistics & enforcement involved, across the United States. Their network of operations covers a voluminous number of contract repositories across 9,000 locations.


  • The Client approached LegalEase Solutions with a request to restructure their CLM repository.
  • They required renaming and segregation of the legacy contracts in their CLM repository, based on standard nomenclature.
  • In addition, the Client requested a sanity check to confirm the details captured in the CLM platform.
  • There were around 80,000 contracts in the Client’s contract repository that needed to be covered, adhering to a quick turnaround and a tight budget.


  • LegalEase immediately identified the scope of the CLM platform restructuring and sanity check project
  • LegalEase Solutions delegated a team of dedicated attorneys to launch the project promo, noting the tight deadline
  • Although the project entailed a high volume of contracts to be processed within a short timeframe across several locations, the LegalEase Team adapted with the platform nuances and delivered value within the deadline.
  • The LegalEase Team’s CLM platform expertise helped them maintain high standards and efficient work processes, to deliver within the Client’s budget.


  • 80,000 contracts renamed, segregated, and checked in two months
  • Documents from 9,000 locations completed within a tight budget
  • Client now enjoys restructured CLM repository that streamlines their activities across the country